What Lurks Below

Zombie Attack
First Session!

To be updated with character names

Colin, Mike, and Colton got up and headed to the Staggering Spider to have breakfast and see about any news of adventure.

Jamlamin (barkeep) told them that there is always work at the docks, however Colin exclaimed that dock work was not fit for adventurers. After Mike and Auriel made googily eyes at each other a bit, she informed them that there was a Ranger just outside of the city walls looking for adventurers to help track down monsters.

After breakfast they headed to the gates to see the Ranger, where they noticed a bounty sign for Corwyn Redmanthe

Outside the walls of the city they met up with GreenShadow, a elderly ranger who drafted them to help him track down evidence of an advancing horde of Gnolls. He is paying 100gp each plus pardiem.

Close by to the Ranger was Yassilla Goodberry, a herbalist, with her cart, and she mentioned that she would sell the adventurers health potions cheap (how much?)

They headed back to the city to see Mike’s brother, the Captain of the Gaurd, for any news and to get supplies. He (name?) gave us full run of the armoury.

The adventurers headed back to the Staggering Spider to celebrate and have dinner. Colin played for his beer, and performed so well that soon the entire tavern was partying. During the commotion Colton tried to pick a nobles pocket, however despite succeeding, the noble noticed him. Colton managed to bluff his way out, but then the noble noticed his purse missing and made chase. Colton managed to escape, and headed back to the flat he shares with Colin.

Mike was able to dance up a storm with Auriel, and he escorted her to his place. On the way, they were attacked by disembodied hands. Mike was able to defeat them and calm Auriel.

Colton was practicing with his disguise kit when he was also attacked by a number of disembodied hands. He managed to dispatch a couple quickly, but a couple proved evasive for a time.

Colin ended up staying at the Tavern with a couple of ladies he had charmed. He was awoken in the middle of the night to screaming. Upon invenstigation he found that there were humanoid creatures attacking the tavern. He created a thunderous wave to repell them, and dispatched a couple with his rapier. He then helped Jamlamin board up the tavern and started creating a plan to help the townsfolk.

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