Prosperity Pont

Rich region
mines to the south
Growing community of Half Elves & Halflings,
Fairly progressive society racially
town is Booming
seeking Adventurers,
protected by gaurds from Noble houses
Melitia is in training
staggering spider is tavern

General store.
roving goblins, gnolls sometimes occur

History lost.

staggering spider
Large black Innkeep – Ivory Earplugs
Jamlamin Vthedar

Auriel – Bar maid

New elf from Wrods
outside walls.
track down monsters

poster on wall @ gate
Calling for arrest
1000Gp for Live
capture of Corwyn Redmanthe
Banditry and assault

odd that we were not
Informed of bounty

Tent past creak close to herbalists cart
Stout Halfling woman
Yassilla Goodberry

Has seen monster
Found trappings of Gnolls
-scrap of standard
-red flag over flaming black heart
Greenshadow – Ranger


What Lurks Below Keener_DM